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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I get pictures after the photosession?

After the day of your photosession you will get proofs (gallery) of all good images to pick amount of images depending on your needs, and send images numbers to me. After I get the numbers I edit them and provide you with the link to the cloud storage. You can download, share the link with your family members and print the images.

2. Who decides what images I will get (you or a client)?

The client picks images from the gallery of all pictures.

3. What outfit colors would you suggest?

The best colors and tints we suggest to choose for the photosession are shown on the picture below:

4. What time to choose for the photosession?

We can take your pictures any time during the day. However, the best time is an hour before sunset – so called “golden hour”.

5. What if it is going to be rain?

In case it is raining we will reschedule the date.

6. What if there is no rain, but it is cloudy?

Cloudy day is the perfe