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How to choose outfit for the photo session.

The result of excellent photograph depends on our collaboration and high-quality preparation.

Let’s talk about what looks advantageous and what is better to avoid in your clothes.


black color



bright colors

logos and prints


plain (mono-color) clothes

deep warm natural colors

natural fabrics

bright colors

calm colors

combination of 2-3 colors and their hues.

I recommend to chose one intense color as a basis, and complement it with neutral - from beige to brown (scarves, gloves, hats, accessories would perfectly complement the image) If you have chosen your outfit for the photo session, make sure it is appropriate for the location you are going to use. Both location and clothes must be combined in color and texture. For example, a gown and heels or a bow-tie suit are not appropriate for the forest location. If you want to be photographed in your favorite clothes, no problem! Send me a picture of it and I will give you recommendations and offer you a suitable location.

Here are some examples:

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